Garden State Skating Club’s Board of Directors consists of eight members, each serving a three year term on a rotating basis. Two to three positions are up for election each year. A ballot with the list of nominees will be made available to all members, 18 years and older, each year for voting during the annual meeting.

Garden State Skating Club Board Members

Nichole Ruggeri
Vice President
Re-election Year: 2022

Christine Merlino
Secretary & Junior Board Advisor
Re-election Year: 2023

Anthony Aprilante
Membership Chair
Re-election Year: 2023

Joann Aydin
Board Member
Re-election Year: 2025

Nancy Zavattieri
Hospitality Chair & Consignment
Re-election Year: 2022

Angela Olivieri
Treasurer & Test Chair
Re-election Year: 2022

Joe Schaad
Board Member
Re-election Year: 2023

Tracie Lissauer
Media Chair
Re-election Year: 2023

Regina Rizzo
Co-Membership Chair
Re-election Year: 2023

Carl De Angelis
Advisory Council *Non-Voting

Garden State Skating Club Junior Board Members

Noelle Zavattieri
Camryn Aprilante
Anna Merlino

Evelyn Jones
Jocelyn Xu
Co-Vice Presidents

Lindsey Lissauer

Syena Schaad

Sophia Newman

Maren Vaclavik
Community Service

Francesca Olivieri
Assistant to Test Chair

William Lissauer
Assistant to Membership Chair

Anna Merlino
Editor in Chief of Newsletter

Francesca Olivieri
Assitent to Editor in Chief of Newsletter

The Garden State Skating Club is a non-profit organization that depends heavily on volunteers to run successfully. It takes an enormous amount of time and commitment to be a successful figure skater; it also takes an enormous amount of time and commitment to run a successful figure skating club.  There are a number of events throughout the year that call for volunteers, such as; National Learn-to-Skate Day, Shore Skate Competition, Fundraising Events, Charitable Events, Exhibitions and Shows, Annual Banquet, Test Sessions and more. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.